Change face
China · 2004
Category:  Drama · Romantic
Dadong Group Finance Minister Teng Hao was detained by the police on the eve of the wedding. The group's huge sum of 5.95 million yuan was withdrawn by transfer cheque, and Teng Hao, who was in charge of the financial seal, was suspected of taking his own personal gain. Police Jia Chaoxi targeted the young entrepreneurs Shi Zheming and Tenghao's close friend Zhuang Hai. During the investigation, Shi Zheming was burned in the car, and Zhuang Hai, who was suspected of murder, disappeared with a huge amount of fraud. Five years later, when Tenghao and Shi Zheming's girlfriend Shu Xiaofan began to fall in love, Qi Mingxuan, who had returned from culture, broke into Shu Xiaofan's life. He unabashedly pursued Shu Xiaofan. His words and deeds are always familiar to Shu Xiaofan. Teng Hao found the clue, fell into the trap designed by Qi Mingxuan, and was sentenced to death for homicide. Qi Mingxuan's career is flourishing. Although everyone suspected that he was Shi Zheming who was killed that year, he could not find any direct evidence. Jia Chaoxi looked for clues abroad with little success. Shen Han was moved by Teng Hao's spirit and came to Qimingxuan Company to apply for undercover investigation. When he recorded the evidence video, Qi Mingxuan pushed him down a tall building to death. Shu Xiaofan, who loves Tenghao deeply, embraces Qi Mingxuan in his arms because he cannot bear the rekindling of the old relationship between Tenghao and Luo Wei. She used her physical sensation to confirm that Qi Mingxuan was Shi Zheming. Qi Mingxuan confessed to killing Zhuang Hai, disguised as a charred corpse, and then had a facelift like childhood sweetheart Qi Mingxuan and killed Qi Mingxuan. With the efforts of Teng Hao and Jia Chaoxi, Shi Zheming's criminal clues gradually became clear. Just when Shi Zheming was about to run away with a huge amount of fraud, Teng Hao appeared in front of him and Shu Xiaofan. Shi Zheming, who was dying, couldn't tolerate Shu Xiaofan in Teng Hao, and aimed his gun at Shu Xiaofan. Teng Hao rushed to block the bullet that was directed at Shu Xiaofan. He smiled and fell into Shu Xiaofan's arms. He exhausted his last strength and said to Shu Xiaofan: Kiss me, my love! Jia Chaoxi led the detective into the house. He saw Shi Zheming holding his face destroyed by countless plastic surgery.